Advancements in Corrosion under Insulation Technique CUI-MTIoT Sensor

Advancements in Corrosion under Insulation Technique CUI-MTIoT Sensor

Corrosion under Insulation ’CUI’, if left to its own devices, can and does cause serious and sometimes catastrophic consequences with piping systems and related components and equipment. The problem of CUI of process plant and pipework is associated mainly with steel components. Failures have occurred, with loss of containment, due to localized corrosion progressing undetected beneath insulation. CUI is insidious, difficult to detect and can be expensive to mitigate. Moisture and Temperature are the two primary environmental elements to cause CUI, detecting the occurrence of these two elements at the first instance saves Billions. We propose an Advanced CUI Detection Sensor integrated with IoT wireless shield to be networked over the cloud. The Sensor is designed to detect the temperature and moisture/water at the near proximity of the pipe under the insulating jacket. Once the temperature or the moisture exceeds the thresholds the sensor activates and starts transmitting the occurrence to the cloud data collection center. Multiples of such sensors will be installed at various points or at regular intervals on the piping system, which networks into the cloud system giving detailed real-time information on the environmental conditions which is causing CUI of the piping system. The data is remotely monitored and necessary actions can be taken to mitigate the occurring of CUI. Our method meets or exceeds code and plant procedural requirements


Our Solution :

Moisture ingress will travel through the insulation and water by its very nature; will flow to its lowest point and collect where it is able. Early detection of the presence of moisture/water and temperature abnormalities significantly reduces the risk of corrosion developing underneath pipeline insulation. The CUI-MTIoT sensor detects and identifies the location of any fluid leak and abnormal temperature variations on thermally insulated pipes, preventing corrosion before occurrence and reducing unplanned repair and maintenance costs. The CUI-MTIoT sensor’s catalyst absorbs the moisture/water/hydrocarbon from its installed location proximity within the insulating material into its detection chamber and triggers the IoT wireless transmitting electronics device when inflated; immediately alerting operatives to the potential for CUI, and to the Health and Safety issues surrounding the leaking pipes. The CUI-MTIoT is also integrated with an industrial grade thermistor to continuously monitor the internal temperature of the thermal shield, the temperature value and the moisture trigger pulse data is periodically transmitted at regular intervals to the IoT gateway for cloud monitoring and data analytics of the industries piping systems. The collection vial of the CUI-MTIoT’s device can be unscrewed and the contents passed on further for detailed analysis. A replacement vial can be attached to the CUIMTIoT whilst the escaped fluid is examined and remedial actions reviewed. With the potential to reduce manual inspection, repair and maintenance costs, each self-contained CUI-MTIoT sensor device will be constantly and independently monitored remotely, indicate and alert for the presence of moisture/water/hydrocarbon and temperature variations, remaining active for 24 hours a day, 365 days per year for up to 3 years depending on the battery shell life and the device data update/frequency rates.

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