Home Security System

One of the most important considerations for lot of people is how to make sure their homes are safe while they are inside and while they are away from the house. In this age of advanced technology, when the crimes, thefts are at an all time high, it is highly imperative to make use of the technology to secure our homes. We have seen how our homes have been robbed of our valuables like hard earned money and/or gold, while we were away on a vacation. In such a scenario, how can we make sure our home is secure from intruders or even accidental fires due to gas leaks etc.

This is where our revolutionary eSecure,  a wireless Home Security System completely conceptualized, designed and developed by QLabs, Inc. Bangalore comes to your rescue. eSecure is a one of its kind, a complete Home Security System with multiple Sensors, Alarms for various operations like intruder detection, fire detection, detection of glass, door break-ins. eSecure is very unique in the sense that, the user can monitor, communicate  and moderate with the security system even when he is away from his house. eSecure is completely wireless with a very simple installation in your homes. You do not have to worry about the expensive installation procedure and maintenance. A  eSecure is completely self sustained, operating on the power of battery for upto 48 hours even during the worst power outage.


Block Diagram

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Block Diagram


And eSecure system basically consists of 3 main components:

  • eSecure Control Center
  • eSecure Android App
  • Web Server

eSecure Control Center

It consists of a central control unit referred to as eSecure Control Center or Main Panel which controls all the other connected sensors. The number and type of the sensors depend on the requirement of the user and can be configured at real-time. All the sensors are monitored and controlled by the Main Panel which is always connected to our eSecure App for Android Phone. The connection between the Android Phone and the Main Panel is through Bluetooth.

eSecure Android App


eSecure App is an native Android App which gets connected to the Control center of the eSecure Home security Solution. All the notifications from/to the Control center is routed through the Android phone.

The eSecure App has the following features:

  • A single touch to configure all the Sensors when you are away.
  • Ability to configure only selected Sensors.
  • Ability to add the contacts from the Address book to send notification through SMS/Call in case of an event triggering from any of the configured sensor.
  • Capture the image of the intruder through the camera when an even is triggered.
  • Ability to upload the images and GPS co-ordinates on our central server without the intruder coming to know of it.
  • Remotely control and configure the Control Center by sending a simple SMS from anywhere in the world.


The user can monitor the eSecure system in the webserver using a unique username and password which is given to him during installation. The eSecure control center automatically uploads the image taken through the Android app to the webserver whenever an event is triggered. The GPS co-coordinates are also recorded at regular intervals which can be monitored by the user at real time.

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